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Please note we only rent directly to guests, and never through booking agencies.

This means our homes are a higher standard as they are looked after far better.

It also means you know exactly which home you will be staying in and what it is like.

Some agencies have recently been caught using our home photos despite not offering our home for rent! If you did not book with us then it is not our home you are booked in!!!

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We are always delighted to offer advice & assistance with planning your Florida villa vacation.

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Terra Verde Resort and Solana Resort Florida
Premier Family Vacation Villas by Sunshine in Florida Villa Rentals

Sunshine in Florida specialises in luxurious vacation home rentals at Central Florida's two premier vacation villa resorts - Terra Verde Resort in Kissimmee and Solana Resort just to the west. Both Terra Verde Resort and Solana Resort are very near to Disney World Florida and all the other Orlando area attractions like Seaworld and Universal Studios.

As our homes are situated on exclusive resort communities they offer the facilities that you would expect from a top rated hotel like fitness centers, plus the benefits of a villa rental such as extra room, full kitchens, games rooms and private pools, and finally the extra facilities and amenities we provide in our homes in addition to those found in regular rental 'vanilla' villas. This makes any of our homes at Terra Verde Resort or Solana Resorts 'The perfect location for a dream vacation'.

We offer a choice of 3 homes ranging in size from 4 to 6 bedrooms villas, all with their own unique qualities and features, but all with the same luxurious accommodation to suit your every need in mind. To read more about each villa please visit our Villas page or click here to read more about Terra Verde Resort or Solana Resort.

Terra Verde Resort and Solana Resort

Terra Verde Resort LakeAll our villas are situated on the purpose built vacation villa resort communities of Terra Verde and Solana. These are specifically designed to offer all the benefits of luxury villa rentals but with the added advantage of facilities that you would expect from a top hotel. The difference this will make to your villa vacation can not be over emphasized when compared with either renting a home in a residential setting or staying at a hotel.

Terra Verde and Solana resorts offer many facilities including clubhouses with large pools and deck areas, children's play areas, concierge services, internet facilities, fitness rooms, sport facilities, games rooms & arcades amongst others. As our guests Solana Resort Clubhouseyou will have free use of the resort facilities.

Both Terra Verde Resort and Solana Resort are very conveniently situated for Disney and the other Theme Parks, Golf courses, Restaurants and Shopping.

You can get more information on both resorts using the links below:

Our Rental Villas at Terra Verde and Solana Resorts

Below is a brief introduction to our villas at Terra Verde Resort and Solana Resort along with links to pages to find out more information or view more pictures of each. Please note that all our villas are family owned. We are not an agent, so the villa that you choose will be the villa that you are guaranteed to stay in.

Sunshine Villa

6 Bedroom - Sleeps 14
Terra Verde Resort
Pool & Spa
Games room
Free Internet
Free International Calls

Sunshine Villa
Themed rooms
Own pools and spas

Villa Details

Sundance Villa

4 Bedroom - Sleeps 9
Solana Resort
Pool & Spa
Games room
Free Internet
Free International Calls

Sundance Villa
Luxurious furnishings
Own pool and spa

Villa Details

Sunbeam Villa

4 Bedroom - Sleeps 8
Solana Resort
Pool & Spa
Games room
Free Internet
Free International Calls

Sunbeam Villa
Luxury furnishings
Own pool and spa

Villa Details

What makes our Solana Resort and Terra Verde villas so different from all the others?

We would like to take a moment to explain what is different with our homes. The main point is that they are 'homes' - they are owned and most importantly used by us and our family, whereas many villas are simply 'investment properties' that are managed by remote companies with owners that may never have even been inside.

As we call them our second homes, we care for them as you would a home and have provided many facilities, furnishings and fixtures beyond that you would expect in a vacation villa. That said, we take particular care to ensure guests feel welcome and can treat the home as their own for the duration of their stay - with particular emphasis on families as we have young children ourselves and experience of travelling and vacationing with kids.

Villa detailWe regularly update furniture, fixtures and decor to ensure the homes feel welcoming, comfortable and clean - the photos we show are recent and how you will find the home. There are lots of 'hidden' extras too like the top class management company taking care of the home and guests, pool maintenance company and of course insurances and full rental licenses.

Not all villas are the same, just as not all hotels or even cars are. Sure, they make look similar on the outside, but it is what is inside, the quality and service and attention to detail that counts. Our homes are more like the equivalent of a 'boutique hotel' to an airport hotel, or a luxury car to an entry level model, so please have a close look at the detail and not just the front picture and price when comparing us with other villas.

Finally, please ask questions...we are always glad to take the time to answer questions and recommend to anyone renting a villa from us, or anyone else, to ensure that everything is exactly as they desire. After all, this may be your only vacation this year, or a lifetime trip for the kids to Disney and you really need to make sure that it is perfect - that is what we want for you too.

Here are some of the main highlights:

  • Large, Spacious Villas
  • Pools, Spas & Games Rooms
  • Fully air-conditioned
  • Fully equipped Villas
  • Free high-speed internet
  • Superior Entertainment Units
  • Numerous Ensuite Bedrooms
  • Individually designed interiors
  • Themed Kids Bedrooms
  • Free use of baby facilities
  • Toys & Games provided
  • Free use of BBQ's
  • Free use of golf clubs
  • Gated Resort Communities
  • Location, Location, Location!
  • Award winning Resort
  • Free calls (Sunshine & Sundance Villa)
  • Personal touch
  • Onsite Management at Solana Resort

Some guest Comments:

"Dear Camilla & Neil,

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know that we had a brilliant holiday, we didn't want to come home. The kids say it is the best holiday they have ever had and are already asking when we can go again.

Firstly I must tell you we thought the villa was fabulous, beautifully decorated, every convenience and the pool/spa was a big hit. We used the pool nearly every day and the kids spent hours in there, often going in as soon as they got up. Having use of the  internet was a real asset it enabled us to look up such things as park info and the weather so that we could plan our days. We were also able to look at the photos we had taken. The villa is in a great location and we had no problems finding our way around.

I will finish off by thanking you for all your help and complimenting you on your excellent customer service. It has been a pleasure."

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Close enought o Disney...Disney Mickey Mouse ...To feel the magic!

Only 10-15 minutes to Disney it provides the perfect home for your dream vacation.